Faults: video

Post is actually a video file rather than a still image or an animated gif.

You can upload video files to Lolibooru! Supported file formats are webm and mp4. If your upload fails with an error, there's is probably a mistake with your choice of codecs. Encoding with ffmpeg generally produces safe results.

There is no limitation to file size, but try not to overdo it. In order to upload files larger than 100MB, you will need to have Lolibooru's server fetch them from somewhere using the upload by URL method. This is a limitation imposed by CloudFlare, and the only way around it as of this writing.

If your browser is unable to play the video, please make sure that your browser supports HTML5 and the above mentioned formats. Any recent version of Chrome/Chromium or Firefox should be able to play them.
Updated by Bamabama 7 months ago