Searx is a metasearch software which can be configured to return uncensored results from DuckDuckGo and Bing. Most deployed instances are censored.

Complete List of Uncensored Deployments

This is an exhaustive list of deployed instances which
  • Are indexed Searx Instances
  • Are reachable by the plain Internet and DNS -- not only by TOR.
  • Have a recognized valid encryption certificate. And are reachable by an encrypted connection.
  • Are valid Searx instances and not troll sites (4ray is troll).
  • They return a link to Lolibooru on the first page (screen) when searching for it.
The list was compiled on 2019-1-10 . 106 sites were examined. 35 are uncensored = about 1/3 are uncensored.

WWW Search Engines or Directory Sites

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