General: nopan

はいてない ノーパン

Used when someone is in a situation where you would expect them to be wearing panties (or equivalent underwear) e.g. under a skirt, dress, or pants, but they aren't. Note the following corollaries:

  • nopan should normally not be used together with the nude tag. Even if the character is nude in a seemingly inappropriate situation, not wearing panties is always appropriate in the context of being nude. Use nopan when the character is wearing clothes, but still no panties.
  • If the character does not have a human-type lower body, they are not expected to wear panties. Thus, don't use this tag for mermaids, centaurs, etc.
  • nopan can be used together with panties: this can happen if the panties are present in the picture, but not worn (post #175284). This is also true for pantsu around one leg (post #113291) and other tags like pantsu on head and such.
  • If the panties are worn on the legs, but pulled down from their rightful position, use pantsu pull instead.

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