Posting Guidelines

Thank you for donating your spare time to help us expand our image collection! We need a constant supply of new images to keep our collection fresh and up to date.

Before you upload your first images, please familiarise yourself with our rules.

Generally Accepted

  • Most loli art from most artists.
Generally Rejected

  • Non-loli artwork.
Art Style
Lolibooru is an Anime Art Gallery first, and a high-quality gallery second. Only anime-style art will be accepted. Art which are done in other styles are highly likely to be deleted.

  • Generally Accepted
    • Anime-style illustrations.
    • Anime-style renditions of characters from Western animation or comics.
    • Doujinshi.
    • Photography of loli-related objects (figurines, papercraft, etc).
  • Generally Rejected
    • Most Photography.
    • Western style illustrations.
Image Quality
Perhaps the most objective of quality measures is the visual quality of an upload. Please ensure that images are crisp, clear and free of watermarks.

  • Generally Accepted
    • Crisp, High quality images without compression artifacts.
    • Efficiently compressed images. Generally this means images that are clear and yet have a small file size for their quality.
    • High-resolution images. Stay with the times! You may have to lurk around to find out the minimum pixel size of the moment.
  • Generally Rejected
    • Images with needlessly invasive watermarks.
    • Images defaced by compression artifacts. Such images suffer from blockiness, smudginess (mostly JPEGs), grains or banding (mostly GIFs and PNGs).
    • Images with large file sizes without a good reason. When Lolibooru receives a large file, we expect it to be a large print-quality poster-size illustration with hairline details. However, many images with large file sizes have been simply blurry scans saved in 24-bit PNG format.
    • Low resolution images.
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