Put the metatag hold in your tags when you upload (with or without other tags). This will flag the post as held; it will not show up in the index (even if you search for them--unlike child posts, they won't show up with a plain search).

Then, view your held posts (a link will appear on the left side of the post index) and do all the tagging/rating/pooling/PC you want. Once you're ready, hit the "activate all posts" button, and it'll release the posts to the index.

You can only activate your own posts. Held posts aren't completely hidden; if you search for holds:true or holds:only, it'll show everyone's held posts, and they'll still show up in any pools.

You can activate individual posts with a link that'll show up in post/show, or with the unhold metatag. Also, you can use the hold metatag to hold an existing post, but this only works shortly after it's posted; you can't retroactively hold posts (you should really do it when uploading).

There's no rush to activate posts. If you take a day or two to finish tagging and activate it, the post will still show up at the front of the index once you do, not at the place it would have gone when you originally posted. However, leaving posts poorly tagged or with no tags after three days will risk them being deleted and you may recieve a warning or worse, so it's better to tag sooner than later.

You can delete your own held posts at any time yourself, but if you want your post to be restored, please ask a higher up (janitor, mod, or admin) to do it. And it's the only way you'll be able to tag your deleted post.

More advanced:
  • "Activate all posts" only activates held posts in the current search results, so you can pool everything when you upload (the pool:123 metatag), and then add pool:123 to the held post search. When you activate the posts, only held posts in that pool will be affected.
  • Searching holds:all shows all of the currently held posts in addition to the released posts. holds:only or holds:true shows only the held posts (all users). Edits to a held post will have the post number in cyan in the history.
Updated by Domestic_Importer 5 months ago