how to make a good wiki page

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Who Should Read This

New Members
  • To understand wiki information
  • To know where to go for information
  • To be part of the community
It's important that sufficient background knowledge is had to understand how to use this site. If things aren't organized or explicitly stated people will be confused.

People Interested in Being a Janitor
  • Anyone can edit a wiki article but janitors should more so
  • Shows that you can understand how other people interpret information
  • Expresses intelegence
People Concerned with Helping New Members
If they enjoy loli as much as you do they'd probably like to not be confused on what you're trying to say to them. We want the community to grow and the easiest way to not do that is to give people a bad impression, so be careful when making new wiki pages to follow these guidelines.

Skills You'll Gain

You'll know a format for expressing your ideas fully
Depending on the prior knowledge and familiarity of the person reading a post you'll want them to be able to know where on the page to look to have their questions answered quickly. For example, You may not be concerned with the "Skills You'll Gain" section but instead will want to skip to "Tags".

Your Communications Skills Will Impress the Mods and Attract Users
Sounding sophisticated just the right amount avoids both pushing people away out of snootiness and/or confusion. For example, the

help page has no header that would help it make sense to someone who doesn't know what an API is. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to explain it but just explain to them that they'll need to know a programming language such as XML or Javascript. Without knowing that, you'd be utterly confused by what anything means, and, some may feel unwelcome and that the site is too complex to use in full, which is untrue.

What Should Go on The Wiki

(I don't know this one [delete this line] )

Thing That Should Go on the Wiki
  • Tags
  • Artists
  • Assistance with using the site
  • (put more here)
Things That Shouldn't Go on the Wiki
  • Opinions
  • Bugs / suggestions
  • Advice for finding loli
  • Descriptions of things not concerning the utility of Lolibooru

Wiki Posts

First off, you'll want to familiarize yourself by reading

You should practicing by writing a few forum posts and pressing "Preview" several thousand times. The only good way to memorize all the things you can do with DText is to do them and look at other Wiki posts.

Before you start writing you'll want a clear image of the scope of your topic, there are three main things; tags, artists, and help posts.
You don't want to get carried away in your explanation so if you find yourself overwhelmed with ideas, consider what's appropriate and break your ideas into multiple posts or on the forum.

If you don't feel qualified to write about something but you're aware of its existence and that it needs to be explained, navigate around the website and explore. There's often things at the bottom of pages or in settings and profile pages If you're seriously interested in writing good, coherent Wiki articles then you should read every bit of all the sections in the help tab at the top of your screen and figure out what each thing means. Also, strike up a conversion in the forum to familiarize yourself with what is appropriate and what is common knowledge among peers of different levels of experience.

Over all, you should be fairly confident in your understanding of the operations of this site before expecting your post to get put on help:home

Once you've gone to and you've decided to start writing, you need to pretend to be the reader for a moment, who is your audience? How familiar are they with Lolibooru? If I mention pools, are they going to be able to visualize what you can do with a pool? etc.

you should give them enough background information so that they are now as familiar with the topic as you once were. Isn't that the whole point of the Wiki?

Good Starting Headers
  • "Required Background Knowledge"
  • "Skills You'll Gain"
  • "Result of Reading This"
  • "Implications"
  • "Your Responsibilities as a Holder of This Knowledge"
  • "What You Need to Know to Understand This"
Your diction for heading things may be very different, and that's okay, as long as the reader understands who should be reading this, what it's for, and what should be done about it. Every topic is different though, so, don't be concerned if the headers given above don't fit quite right.

Bad Starting Headers
    (pls add details about how to edit other peoples posts and when it's appropreate)
    Once you've written a good portion of your post and are looking around to remember what you've written, it's good practice to either post it unfinished, then edit it, or move it to a .txt file on your desktop, in case you accidentally close the tab.

    in general, it's good to be open to criticism of all kinds. Even if you get a response like "u suk dick" you should say "yes i do", no, but seriously, even vague, obscure remarks like that were written under some pretense, so it's valid to some degree and should be looked into. Also, it's okay to be wrong and ask for help, no one is the absolute definer of what is approximate and normal on this site and no one is perfect, so no one can be right all the time, not even Admins or Mods. The general community attitude is defined in our minds by what we are exposed to each visit, not even DMSchmidt can fully control what the conversational norm is. So you play an important part in all this, you help define this website and the people that use it, so ask before you do, don't do and say sorry later.


    Your Responsibility as a Lolibooru User
    (their responsibilities should be to not be a fag mostly, but then expand on that under the pretense that that's the bare minimum but acceptable but what they should be doing is adding appropriate tags, updating artists looking at the forum every once in a while etc.)

    (we need to briefly explain the function of tags and the different types)

    (How to properly title things and the difference between wiki entries and tag entries)


    Your Responsibility as a Lolibooru User
    (we need to briefly explain the function of artists and the different types, also, we need to explain good naming practices, Alternate names, and which image sources have reliable information for artists)

    Notes for editing
    For something like,
    there are three main things, tags, artists, and help posts
    Please feel free to correct me(alacaster), the point of things like that is to represent the idea to whomever is going to assist me (or call me names). The idea being what a reader might gain from the piece rather than the actual details it contains. Like if I reference something wrong like calling things tabs when they would be called links please correct me(alacaster).

    Also, if you're helping make this and you're on an idea hunt, go to many many wiki posts and look for things that could be improved or exist over most of them.
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