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グランブルーファンタジー グラブル グラ腐ル GranblueFantasy

Granblue Fantasy (グランブルーファンタジー Guranburuu Fantajii), officially abbreviated as Granblue (グラブル Guraburu), is a mobile turn-based RPG by Cygames, with a Japanese-only release in March 2014, and an English-language release in April 2016. An official anime by A-1 Pictures and manga has also been announced to be released, with the anime premiering in 2017. The game is notable for having former Square Enix employees composer Uematsu Nobuo and illustrator Minaba Hideo on staff.

The gameplay is heavily reliant on the player's summons and weapons. The player can equip a maximum of ten weapons and summons in a "pool", with one of each in said pool being able to be set as a main. The player's characters, however, are unable to equip the latter and can only be levelled up and limit breaked with specific attainable material in order to raise their level higher until it reaches maximum. The player is also the only one who can change their class.

A major attraction point to the game is that all of the characters are fully voiced. The game has also done collaborations with other games where characters from said games are able to be obtained and are voiced by their respective seiyuu.

Prior to the English-language release, the game had gained enough attention by Western fans to where bypassing and learning how to play was fairly easy and painless, with character names and a majority of the game's menus translated into English, but not the game's dialogue.


Most characters in Granblue Fantasy are divided into 4 races.

-Human. Most characters fall into this.
-Erune, whose notable features are their animal ears and clothing that expose their backs.
-Harvin, dwarf sized humanoids.
-Draph, humanoids with prominent horns on their heads. Males are tall and muscular, while females are noticeably shorter than the average person, while having big breasts.

Fire / 火
  • Satyr / サテュロス
  • Sylph / シルフ
Water / 水
  • Fenrir / フェンリル
  • Oceanus / オケアノス
Earth / 地
Wind / 風
  • Aster / アステール
  • Christina / クリスティーナ
  • Elta / エルタ
  • Feena / フィーナ
  • Gawain / ガウェイン
  • Helnar / ヘルナル
  • Kashiwagi Tsubasa / 柏木翼
  • Keehar / キハール
  • Lecia / リーシャ
  • Lennah / レナ
  • Metera / メーテラ
  • Mimlememel / ミムルメモル
  • Nezahualpilli / ネツァワルピリ
  • Rashid / ラシード
  • Selfira / セレフィラ
  • Sutera / スーテラ
  • Fuujin / 風神
  • Mamonas / マモーナス
  • Raijin / 雷神
Light / 光
  • Chevalier / シュヴァリエ
  • Corow / コロゥ
  • Lucifer / ルシフェル
  • The Order Grande / ジ・オーダー・グランデ
  • Pierre / ピエール
Dark / 闇
  • Brynhildr (Kanzaki Ranko) / ブリュンヒルデ (神崎蘭子)
  • Celeste / セレスト

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