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クッキー☆ クッキー☆☆ 東方蛮法天 魔理沙とアリスのクッキーKiss

Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss (魔理沙とアリスのクッキーKiss), or Cookie☆ (クッキー☆, Kukkii☆) for short, is a Touhou fan video that was uploaded in 2010 featuring eight amateur voice actresses and over twenty artists. It was initially hated by Touhou fans since the video was low-quality, so the video's tags were vandalised and it attracted the Manatsu no Yo no Inmu fanbase who actually appreciated the cheesy storytelling and bad voice acting, resulting in Cookie☆ becoming a spin-off or separate entity from Touhou.

Later, three other voice dramas popularly known together as "Cookie☆☆" were organised by Taisa and picked up by Cookie☆ fans who remade these videos in MMD videos which serve as the reference point for most fan art. In addition to these videos, several other Touhou voice dramas or videos have been included or pulled into the Cookie☆ family.

Due to connections with the Inmu fanbase, fans typically refer to a character by an initialism of their name (e.g. Reu -> RU, Udzuki -> UDK, etc.) with "Aneki" (姉貴, lit. "Big Sister") or "Aniki" (兄貴, lit. "Big Brother") attached at the end, usually corresponding to the voice actor's gender. This is called "TDN Notation" (TDN表記).


Original Cast (Marisa and Alice's Cookie Kiss)
Fans usually just call Alice ALC and Suika SIK, so there's no need for separate character tags (yet).

Cookie☆☆ S1 (Touhou Christmas Voice Drama Project)
Cookie☆☆ S2 (Touhou New Year's! Voice Drama Project)
Cookie☆☆ S3 (Touhou Christmas Voice Drama Project 2013)
Halloween☆ (The Witch's Happy Halloween?) by 満月 (Maki)
Nabe☆ (Komeiji Koishi's Heart-Throbbing☆Nabe Party!) by 満月 (Maki)
メッモー☆ (Ayatsuri Ihen) by りーな (Riina)
Training with Sanae by Kasuya
Kussoo☆ (Touhou Early Summer Voice Drama) by Atouda Ako
Kussoo☆☆ (the reimu's happy holidays) by Atouda Ako
Kussoo☆☆☆ / Chocolate☆ (Reimu and Marisa's Chocolate★Heart) by Atouda Ako
Kussoo☆☆☆☆ (Touhou Christmas 2015! Voice Drama Project) by Atouda Ako
Kasu☆ (Touhou Summer Vacation Voice Drama Project) by Mishou Kazuya
Kuso Inu☆ (titled so because Momiji's a piece of shit in it); drawn by Shiori
Clownpiece☆ (Clownpiece with a Bit of Courage) by ぬったりもむぺ
Easter☆ (Alice and Marisa's Easter Egg Hunt; in English, no less!) by MajorMilk

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