Character: belfast (azur lane)

ベルファスト 贝尔法斯特 ベルファスト(アズールレーン) ベルちゃん(アズールレーン)

The personification of HMS Belfast in Azur Lane. She is portrayed as a fairly typical maid and addresses the Admiral as “Master”. Belfast has long, white hair and large breasts, her outfit exposing a generous amount of cleavage. Western players frequently call her “Payfast”, in reference to her World of Warships counterpart, and “Payfap”, due to the previous and the large amounts of porn that stems from her ample chest and maid nature.

On 2018-04-22, an official younger version of her, Belchan, was revealed on the Azur Lane Twitter, see post #3097454.
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