1girl 3dcg blue_eyes breasts brown_hair looking_at_viewer looking_down mons_veneris nail_polish nipples nude photorealistic pov pussy small_breasts small_puffy_nipples smile sofom

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Once again, I have to say "small or budding breasts are NOT a flat chest"!
What's wrong with her face and neck, or is it supposed to look like that?
In fact, it's everywhere on the picture, but it's more visible in dark areas Unfinished pixels. The picture is taken "out of the oven" too early.
And these don't have to be breasts to look like this. Chubby little girls sometimes have such "breasts" that are not actually breasts. I think we must not take the word flat literally.
Where is her clitoris?
flondrix said:
Where is her clitoris?
Her clit is hidden by her lovely labia