Phew... ♡ God is that sexy! An infant sticky with your greasy sweat... ♡ A baby coated in your love sex oil... ♡ You can't even tell if it's sweat or cum, right!? ♡ Even though we've been fucking them for 10 hours... I still want to use them to wring all the cum from my... dick!! ♡♡ I worry about our future! ♡

I know right? ♡ Ruri-chan! It's so amazing~ Using yourself as an onahole! ♡

Oohooh! ♡ Have your first orgasm! ♡ Infant semen!! ♡ 3 years sooner than the real me! ♡ ...oh, wait! Gotta swallow that first load... ♡

Kuuu, amazing! Infant pussyyy!! ♡ You were right Kona-chan, using my genes to order an AI infant was the right choice!

Good work at Futaket! ♡

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