1girl ass barefoot bent_over black_hair breast_rest breasts brown_eyes cowtits full_body hanging_breasts highres huge_breasts j7w long_hair meikko-chan_(j7w) nipples nude oppai_loli original pantsu sitting solo standing standing_on_one_leg topless underwear undressing white_pantsu

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What do ya'll think of this because personally I love this, the breast shape specifically, artistically and aesthetically. It's divergent.
Alacaster: I love j7w's works, both flat and oppai loli, in the latter case I especially love how he draws breasts that actually sag and look like they react realistically to gravity, breasts that size would be heavy and would start sagging very early after development, Meikko-chan also seems to struggle with them in some images, I find this really hot. It's unlike most artists who draw literal basketballs in the place of breasts.
It's a shame that she has absolutely zero ass though. I'm not much of an ass guy mind you, it just doesn't look very appealing having an inverse amount of ass.
It looks like decent ass to me(in the lower left).