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Hoping I got the artist right. He's on Pixiv as "Bossy". This image is from his (or her) "Lolita hunter zero" series.
Also, the girl with the greyish hair is amazingly gorgeous. Would give my left nut to get my hands on that model.
Ok reverted it back to artist request. Having actually looked at the listings for Boshi, it was painfully clear that they are not the same artist. I think we just need to create a tag for Bossy.
It's bossy on pixiv, but I've been tagging as bossy 2014 since that's what someone already had here.
The grey-haired one is quite beautiful, but c'mon, that's an expensive nosejob she had to hide her ethnicity. Trust me, I know from nosejobs. You know who she totally reminds me of? Sarah Bernhardt. Check out some of those old Art Nouveau posters from the time. If this girl's hair was Auburn, I"d be in lust..

Anyhoo, the two of them are great, such sweet innocence.