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full marks if you can get that all the way in
I shouldn't be laughing at the mental image of the head coming out of her mouth so she's spitting cum at whatever's in her path, cuz she'd be dead, completely gutted, It'd be equally amusing for her to deep throat him so deep he's cumming OUT her ass instead of in.

Anyway, in order not to kill her, in *MY* pretend universe, she's just a worm internally, and if you remember high school biology, worms are just one long digestive tract with a bump at the end of a big long nerve counting as a 'brain' of sorts. You can chop worms in half and get two worms. So you wouldn't kill her, she'd just stretch around your cock however deep it needs to go.
SophieW said:
full marks if you can get that all the way in
I would LOVE to try!