1girl ayasato_harumi breasts cowtits curvy embarrassed greyscale gyakuten_saiban large_breasts lowres monochrome oppai_loli solo unk

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Behold! The picture that had made me convert to lolicon ways.
How do I add an artist tag? It's Unk. Oh wait...
Turbotowns said:
Behold! The picture that had made me convert to lolicon ways.
Nothing wrong with this but just out of curiousity, how is it that this picture in particular made you convert to lolicon ways? ^^;
(I hardly recognize a loli in the picture lol.)
When I stumbed upon it(don't even remember what I was searching through) on pixiv, I saw the big boobs and saved it immediately, but then I noticed the recommended images on the right(back when they were there and only 3), seeing a Franziska Von Karma pic and a Pheonix-X-Edgeworth pic(Don't remember the 3rd), then I'm like... "wait a minute, who's in the picture I just saved?" I look back, then FINALLY notice her hair rings(and other features), I'm like "OH MY GOD, IT'S PEARL FEY!" I hadn't seen any lewds of her yet(I wasn't a lolicon yet, so I didn't even WANT to), let alone an oppai loli pic. I accepted the image immediately(because big boobs), but then I started getting attracted to how she is normally, then the rest is history.