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ashram363 said:
There's a wed address on the video.
The printing on the screen says more at: tracerblogfun.blogspot.com
but it has been deleted.
Quite the journey, but it's worth it !
The music makes it a nice and warm tale. 💜
Can someone just attach the link to the post please
Aww I love it. Its so wholesome.
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Blep said:
I read the whole thing, rabbit. I believe I have found the copy-pasta meme of lolibooru. Don't delete this mods. I plan on using this.
sorry if it's bit unstructured rambling there is just lot to unpack. I didn't copy or paste anything I wrote that in one go and then made small edits it's been my life for years not and a lot in my mind lately. that's all parts of my real life story.
Blep said:
Not a response to a meme
Second time through feels like a different kind of respect then last time I posted. Also just finished watching this https://lolibooru.moe/post/show/191886 totally different feel but same kind of somber music to start. This one still feels more real for me.