Any backstory?
I'd really like to know more about this site's history, as it doesn't offer me to see for myself. Founded when, by who, DMSchmidt? No need to answer if it feels like I'm invading your privacy, I'd just prefer to know. Thanks!
Lolibooru was founded on 27 January 2015. Incidentally, today is Lolibooru's third birthday!

I originally made this booru to sort my own loli pictures and ironically to make it easier to find safe loli pictures (since the child tag is bothersome to deal with on other boorus), before deciding to host it online. This is one of the reasons why I don't allow western art here; I personally don't like them.

FYI, there used to be another booru called Lolibooru that died in 2013. Our booru is completely unrelated to that website and I'm unfamiliar with their staff and owner(s), their rules, or how they functioned. I actually wanted the domain originally, but no one is allowed to register it for some reason, so I settled with since I'm not very creative. It seemed unlikely that the original Lolibooru was ever coming back anyway.
Thank you Schmidt, Happy birthday lolibooru! Hope to never see the servers crash down again.
So I could just as easily look up what that phobia means on google, but.conversations are nice. What is athazagoraphobia? You likewise need not respond if I'm being invasive, ill just look it up later if you don't
I'm sorry man, that's quite a hefty fear. And that's shitty about your nfs game, most I can recommend is checking amazon or eBay for old used copies. Good luck with your lady friend~ a partner truly has a way of turning one's life around, and I wish you the best ^_^