Delete images without any reason.
A few hours ago I upload some images of the author pixlopix and someone eliminated, I wanted to know the reasons why they were deleted because they did not send me a message in case I made an error or a mistake and did not repeat it again.
You won't get a notification that a post you uploaded was deleted unless you go to the upload page. You can also go to your account page and click the number next to "deleted posts" to see what post was deleted. And did you look at the link on the upload page where "important" was said? The link mentions, "Insufficiently tagged pending posts are at risk of deletion unless tagged properly." Cause you did not add enough tags your uploads, they were deleted. I'm not a big fan of deleting posts for having little tags since you can't add tags to deleted posts, but rules are rules. Also, those posts you uploaded weren't photorealistic nor anime-styled 3d art.
Ok Takue, I just went back and looked at the post history. Your posts had next to no tags at all, and the most important ones weren't there. FIRST, you want to put about as many tags as you can. Tag everything you see in the image...not just the basic subject. If there is a pillow in the image, add a tag for it, even if it is just background dressing. SECOND, and probably most important, there is a growing dislike of 3dcg on this site, so any 3dcg images MUST be correctly tagged. You MUST use BOTH of the tags, 3DCG AND Photorealistic. This allows people who do not like such images to filter them out. Failing to add those tags is an almost guaranteed delete.
How many tags does a post need so it wouldn't count as "Insufficiently tagged"? The page doesn't mention this.
Lord_Bane said:
How many tags does a post need so it wouldn't count as "Insufficiently tagged"? The page doesn't mention this.
just if it misses most key elements, things that would make it a nuisance if it were lost somewhere in the image board, undiscoverable. Of course if it is only tagged with photorealitic and 1girl it's either going to be deleted or tagged for you. The problem is when you have nonspecific tags that don't put it into a category with fewer than 200 or so images.

if you have more than 8 tags you're probably safe but 20 or more is preferred. It's just a lot of work to tag things especially if you don't add tag_me or artist_request
8 sounds reasonable, however, I personally would add artist, copyright, fault, and character tags do not count toward being properly tagged. Only the general tags count since people will just cheat and add any non-general tags and call it a day. That being said, there's another issue with that rule. And that is blank scanned pages from a doujin like post #40583. I mean, how are you going to add enough (general) tags to something like this so it is sufficiently tagged?
well, the janitors aren't dumb... i think we'd know.

it's not done by an algorithm.
Insufficiently tagged is such, that an image could not be blacklisted by its most prominent features. Failing to tag photorealistic for example. Many people blacklist that. Not being able to input this much is just pathetic and deserves to be deleted, you can do better than that.