So I just discovered lolicon litterature published in 1906
It is an erotic novel titled "Josephine Mutzenbacher" written by the Austrian author and lolicon extraordinaire Felix Salten (1869-1945) who is most famous for writing the book behind Disney's Bambi in 1923.

Let me tell you this right away; this book will give any modern japanese quality loli doujin out there a run for its money in terms of lewdness. The fetishes are the same too; which is surprising given it was written on the other side of the globe in a time when less than half of homes in both Europe and America had electricity. The original Austrian version even had black and white drawings set between the pages of text :D!

Now, the book is set as a fictional memoir written by a whore from Vienna with the same name as the title, who in her mid fifties, after a successful retirement from a lifetime of debauchery, has chosen to sit down and write about the start of her sexual indulgences from when she was a spry young seven year old up until she was thirteen. She will have sexual intercourse with a lot of people in this timeframe, boys, girls men and women. In fact, most of the paragraphs in this 232 page book is a sex scene and the rest are events leading up to them.

This book is for all intents and purposes a lolicon doujin written in a time before such a thing even existed. It even predates Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" in 1955, the title of which "lolita complex" aka "lolicon" comes from.

Needless to say, "Josephine Mutzenbacher" drew controversy and censorship in Europe following the authors death. The first English translation, the 1931 Paris edition, had many of its sex scenes obfuscated compared to the original German edition. Among translations made during the post war era, some had changed the age of "Josephine" to 16 or 18 years old or left it unspecified. Other translations included criticism of prostitution and the book's look on carefree sexuality.

The first "true" translation from the German version into English was made in 1978. In Germany, "Josephine Mutzenbacher" is used as source material to research on dialects by the current working class and it is viewed as historic literature unique for its time. It is perfectly legal to be viewed by the public, as per a German court ruling in 1990 with the motivation "Pornography and art are not mutually exclusive."

Still, there have been and still are attempts to censor or retcon this book out of existence by European book publishers and media. Which is why I was really glad to see that a fan made English translation had been made and posted online in late 2018. I mean, this book is 113 years old and yet the content feels so modern. It just proves that this shit has been going on for ages.

Source for those interested (you will need a week old e-hentai account otherwise you will only see a sad panda, if you do, google sad panda and follow the steps):

Edit: Found a pdf download link ^^!CKxV1RQR!rg9xpEPI4RUMy5LFy42Ohb9ej0mTnTKBDIcGWOXkWBI
I might not ever actually read this (it's hard to find the time), but thank you for posting it as well as for your extensive commentary that really helps to explain why this is cool.
That's actually interesting.

Not really a huge fan of reading books, but I might actually take the time to work through this at some point.
Thanks for posting. I actually like reading stuff like this especially if it has well written and vivid descriptions
Thanks for sharing this novel. Its completely different from what I usually read, which makes it even more interesting and fresh. I hope other members share similar content in the future.
Josefin Mutzenbacher is well known in german speaking countries. I read the german version a decade ago or so and it is - juicy. If you like smut as much as I do you'll be squirming as some scenes are very illicit by todays standards.

Thank you for reminding me how much fun i had reading that on a vacation at the beach ;)
Blep wrote "...this has been going on for ages". It has actually been going on for millions of years (okay, not the books, but "little girls" getting fucked.). For most of it's existance mankind (NOT humanity) has lived in small bands, each of them occupying the narrow zone between survival and extinction.

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