Lolis (and shotas) at risk again. I honestly don't see how they'll be able to get countries to enforce this if it passes (let's hope it doesn't though).
UN Chairman (to Council): "Our African Peacekeeping forces are molesting children. There are kids starving to death in Yemen, Venezuelan schools can no longer give their students food or basic education, hundreds of former Islamic State families are indoctrinating their children into martyrdom and top politicians in Britain are still covering up child abuse investigations. Should we do anything about this?"

Councilwoman A (picking nose): "Nah. Too hard. Let's just type up some fluff piece about naked cartoon children and how it turns people into rapist or something despite of there being no scientific evidence that supports this. What do you think Bob?"

Councilman B (playing with bouncy ball): "Good idea Margret! At this point in time our top priority should be to ensure the rights of these non-existant cartoon children! Oh, yeah, Steve! How are those Rohingya kids doing?"

Assistant D: "Still selling their bodies in Bangladesh for a place to sleep at night, Sir"

Councilman B: "How sad. They wouldn't have to leave the humanitarian camp site we the cut the funding to after the Rohingya media circus had ended if there weren't any Megamin-lewds out there. How are the efforts going on the sex tourism in Cambodia?"

Assistant D: "It looks like our efforts have finally paid off, Sir. European sex tourists can now buy child prostitutes for 40 dollars instead of the usual grocery bag equivalent figure of 30 dollars. Still, maybe we should send Interpol there, Sir."

Councilman B: "And redirect vital manpower that must be used in our fight against loli depravity? Fuck no! Besides, the Cambodian government makes far too much money off the tourists from our member countries to give a damn about their own citizens. Now give me some Chinese Bribes!"

Assistant D: "Right away, Sir. Should I bring the prostitutes?"

Councilman B: "Fuck yes! Prostitution is awesome! Shame our attempt to legalize it in 2013 didn't work out. Damn women groups."

Councilwomen A (shouting in background): "Bring the whores, already!"

UN Chairman: "A shame indeed, Steve. Meeting adjourned. Fuck the world!"

The entire UN Council (standing up, in unison): "Fuck the world!"
Aren't these the same imbeciles who wanted to legalize sexual relations between muslim adults and children because that's got something to do with religion?
The results of this "event" won't change my ways one bit, no matter what conclusion they come to.

I'll keep my lolis thank you please go away
Politics r a fucking joke and I hate all people that's my input sorry if it sucks
You hate ALL people? In general? Even us? XD
Turbotowns said:
You hate ALL people?
Such is life.
Turbotowns said:
You hate ALL people? In general? Even us? XD
People who provide me porn r the only exception