Image Request Thread
I couldn't help notice there wasn't a specific request thread for (paid) images, rather than people just make new threads each time; but if this is a bad idea, I apologize and just lock/delete the thread.

The reason for this is there doesn't seem to be an appropriate forum anywhere online for requesting certain images, especially in the photorealistic 3DCG variety.

So I'll get the ball rolling.

There's this image by kein I'd absolutely love to see, but it's a paid Fanbox reward for those who donate 5,000 yen a month.

Now, obviously I'm not asking anyone to pay for the image (unless you're exceedingly rich, have the money to throw about freely and you want too, then, you know, that's your perogative), but if anyone sees the proper unblurry version of this image floating around somewhere, I'd love to have it, or see it uploaded here at the least.