How about we simply set a standard of quality for 3dcg content, add an explicit paragraph to the posting guidelines.

delete if:
  • low ray count
  • disturbing imagery
    • excessive blood
    • mutilation
    • excessive pain
    • lack of emotional expression
  • excessive clipping
  • low quality set design and/ or physics (within reason)
  • dark or depressing lighting (maybe)
  • is attracting many creepy comments
  • Portrays a sexslave dichotomy between a loli and older male/ female
  • at moderators discretion
I think DM's point in having janitors is not so he must do less work but so he can focus on posting/ coding more than fixing other people's stuff and accepting/ deleting posts.

Imma start not allowing some stuff, if you have a problem with that then I can stop. Not on;y what I like, just if it's obscene or unaesthetic