Solution time

Alacaster said:
Maybe disable comments on certain posts and archive them so they can only be found with special syntax. This may discourage the casual pedophiles (presumably the ones that post annoying comments), but not damage the user base. like ~~[tag] to see archived posts that don't show up in normal searches or feed.
I know it's similar to just blacklisting and would not be necessary if everything was tagged properly, but it's different from blacklisting, it puts it in a position where it's almost not on the site (people should be informed right away that it's on here though. for people that don't have accounts, BING BING! THERE'S COOL STUFF HERE!). Think about the scenario, you could blacklist 3dcg and would easily be able to tell when something that should be tagged isn't (because you can see it) but you'd miss out on other tags, like if photorealistic isn't on there but it should be, or if you blacklist that then vise versa. But if the presence of the image alerts you to it not being in a special category, we all can put things in that we don't know how to verbalize (the "bad" category). so we don't have to change the tags. But still, if you just preface your search with ~~ then the site gives feed like it does now. so basically "buttplug" (only "good" things come up) and "~~buttplug" and (everything shows up). It would be just like Manty's suggestion except WAYYYY easier. I hope.

Sumire-chan said:
1. Have an uploading guide, as minimal as possible, with just a short list consisting of "tags that must be on your post if they apply to it", along with simple descriptions of those tags. 3dcg and photorealistic will be among them. I see this as not dissimilar from treating it as an offense to assign something a less explicit rating than it actually is.
4. Temporarily suspend upload permissions from accounts who upload X or more images without relevant mandatory tags.
5. Permanently suspend if after the first suspension is up, they come back and do it again.

If this policy adopted, after the initial wave of enforcements, you should see a drop in low-quality, insufficiently tagged upload spam, which will help bring the situation back under control.
Tie this into the wiki page I was creating, we need to find people that have time to contribute to the site. I don't, many of us don't, but we could set something up. Be leadership.

We need good commenting guidelines, more specific one's.
asking for help, fantasizing, critiquing, requesting, conversing, advising. Yes or no?

on what manty

Also DM, I'm learning PHP, should I learn any other language or scripting language with that? What would you like someone to know to help you?

I can contribute to the wiki and help pages, and the list of mandatory tags would be SOOOO helpful. Also janitors should be able to edit that page.

But my idea + Sumire-chan's would be 👌👌👌

Manty said:
1) The sister site will be visible to all, but questionable and explicit stuff will be automatically restricted to the "exclusive" users. Meaning said person will have to do meet requirements in number 2 to access them.

2) To make sure people will be contributing here , the sister site (lets call it Secretbooru) would behave similar to E-hentai and Exhentai, as in people will need an account here (hence the restriction part), have it be active for a certain amount of time, and in the case of Lolicit, make a certain amount of good contributions here (but be no where near as difficult to access). Than when people want to go to Secretbooru, all they need to do is just go to it and they'll be automatically logged in as a regular member there. The only thing that they need to not do is delete their Secretbooru cookies in order to stay logged in, or they'll have to log out of lolibooru and than log back in, like on exhentai.

[good idea] All uploads should be pending for approval and be hidden from public view by all except Janitors and higher as they would need to approve or delete the post.
Your thing is confusing. Also it's kind of like saying we should just build a staircase to the moon, impossible, impractical, idealistic, and extraneous. "let's just invent flubber to have flying cars, yay!" Sorry but think about why you could be wrong before believing you're right, I come up with TONS of ideas that are actually pretty stupid. as others have said, 3dcg content is passively aggressively accepted here. It's kind of like etiquette, don't eat straight out of the serving dish, think about WHY that would be a bad idea. Because bacteria and peoples emotions.