Sumire-chan said:
...there's nothing to differentiate it from larger sites with more upload volume such as Gelbooru and Sankaku Channel. Sites which also allow shotacon.
While other boards can have loli too, they mainly host regular hentai with enormous badonkahonker cowtits and such. I'll just stick to this thank you very much.
There are sites like ATFbooru but it, and others, usually just share most of the same content, with it just having no real "no western art"-premise unlike here. Which falls inferior, as we know.

Sumire-chan said:
Have an uploading guide, as minimal as possible, with just a short list consisting of "tags that must be on your post if they apply to it", along with simple descriptions of those tags. 3dcg and photorealistic will be among them. I see this as not dissimilar from treating it as an offense to assign something a less explicit rating than it actually is.
2. Make the link to the uploading guide extremely prominent on the upload page, so it's obvious how important it is even if nobody's reading the site news or alerts. A dialog may be warranted here, even.
3. Require registration to upload. This may already be done, I don't feel like logging out to check.
4. Temporarily suspend upload permissions from accounts who upload X or more images without relevant mandatory tags.
5. Permanently suspend if after the first suspension is up, they come back and do it again.
This could work with proper implementation and record-keeping. If anything, I feel a more prominent tagging tutorial is a necessity. Or making relevant wiki entries for tags as, in General: tag