altuser said:
3DCG Anime Style - OK
3DCG Photorealistic - NOPE
This I agree with on a personal level, and this really is the only problem I have with what is currently going on, like I mentioned.

DMScmidt said:
As written in the wiki, realistic posts should have art close to real human anatomy and shading but don't necessarily strive for realism (e.g. post #176147).
Thank you for clarifying, I'd very seldom seen usage of the tag in that way. It had more often than not been connected to the "photorealistic" tag, as just an alternative. Some posts been tagged as both.

DMSchmidt said:
Pointless vulgar comments should be deleted. People may ask for help in the comments and then they get buried in inane trash.
The thing again is what classifies as pointless and vulgar. Just someone commenting their very disturbing and outright pedo fantasies in the end really harms nobody besides themselves. Deleting someone saying "Oh how hard i want to cum all over and in that cute plump baby pussy with my 13" white as snow dick" will just confuse and anger them. They might not realize what kind of absolute shit they're posting on this site, as other similar people rejoice over such comments, saying how they relate and want to read more of their comments.

If it were up to me, I'd ban fantasizing in the comments altogether as it's absolutely fruitless. Leave that specific audience and their morbid expressive fetishizing to themselves.
I've got my own fetishes too, but I don't go around on every post with thighs saying how hard I want to smash my face between her legs. That is absolutely pointless and makes me look like a desperate fool.

DMSchmidt said:
I'm sorry. I don't have the interest or time to maintain a booru just for 3dcg/western art. It's also not free. Those websites run on advertisements, don't they?
Don't feel obligated to do this. It would either have to be community funded or littered with dreadful looking ads, if you can find anyone to sponsor such a site in the first place. With what would come horrible rep.