Nitro said:
There is also the realistic tag which I just cannot place in all this. Technically most of the uploads are not photorealistic as they for me at least, heavily fall into the uncanny valley. It begins to seem clear this site wasn't "expecting" this sort of content while it was birthed and growing.

Up to someone more responsible to come up with an idea for how this tag duo is handled.
As written in the wiki, realistic posts should have art close to real human anatomy and shading but don't necessarily strive for realism (e.g. post #176147). photorealistic may as well be the uncanny valley tag.

Life_isn't_fair said:
I need clarification on what should and shouldn't be allowed in the comments, because then I would flag everything I saw that was improper.
Pointless vulgar comments should be deleted. People may ask for help in the comments and then they get buried in inane trash.

Manty said:
Just an idea, but how about doing something similar to the likes of Sankaku and and create a separate (and maybe more discrete) imageboard specifially for photrealistic and non-anime/eastern style 3d stuff?
I'm sorry. I don't have the interest or time to maintain a booru just for 3dcg/western art. It's also not free. Those websites run on advertisements, don't they?

altuser said:
Several people already mentioned opinions that I would also would've liked to say, so I'll just boil down my tuppence to this:

3DCG Anime Style - OK
3DCG Photorealistic - NOPE

That isn't to say I don't occasionally enjoy the latter, but I rather that particular sub-category be purged from this site (I can look for them elsewhere should the urge arise). Either that, or people who submit them should at least tag it properly so we can filter it easily, and those who don't tag things properly should be penalized. ಠ_ಠ
This. Posters should just apply themselves and tag properly. We wouldn't be in this mess if they do so.