Whoa, it seems I started quite the topic hum?

DMSchmidt said:
I've actually been considering banning photorealistic posts despite my affinity to some of them.
I have mixed feelings about that. I'd be both happy and annoyed. There must be a better solution.

Nitro said:
I'm up for operation #ProperlyTagPhotorealistic.
I'm willing to help if I stumble on an improperly tagged post, but we need a better distinction of what counts as realistic and photorealistic, because, as you said yourself, it all just looks uncanny to me.

DMSchmidt said:
More users should flag those shitty comments, though.
I need clarification on what should and shouldn't be allowed in the comments, because then I would flag everything I saw that was improper.

Alacaster said:
I agree with Life_isn't_fair
I think this is actually the first time someone transcribes my nickname.

Alacaster said:
Also like this ain't hentai. Hentai embodies perfection and art. Art spans more than perversion but creativity, cuteness, a variety of expressions, aethstetics and memes. The CGI content is creative (because something is being created) but narrow and undiverse. Hentai is supposed to stand above reality, it's meant to beyond realism to perfection. Hell, I'll jack off to a circle, but this shit? Why don't I just buy a telescope and look through my neighbor's daughter's window? They have a different kind and less diverse cuteness, the aethstetic is always creepy and "I'm a sex slave, i like cum." and they don't include any other part of culture. It's just, a kitty pool, an old guy, and his granddaughter. The 2d content can be even funny sometimes. HAVE U SEEN BOWSETTE. That's creativity, the ideals behind it are pure and communitive, but behind the cgi content just stands perversion and conspiracy, hiding within the walls of our precious domain. WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT TO CIVIL AND CLEAN CHILDPORNOGRAPHY REPRESENTATION!!!
Marry me ;-;

Nitro said:
There is also the realistic tag which I just cannot place in all this. Technically most of the uploads are not photorealistic as they for me at least, heavily fall into the uncanny valley. It begins to seem clear this site wasn't "expecting" this sort of content while it was birthed and growing.

Up to someone more responsible to come up with an idea for how this tag duo is handled.