Nitro said:
On the other hand, it brings traffic to the site. On the other, it brings obnoxious or just straight up creepy comments and somewhat steers off from the original purpose of this site.
More users should flag those shitty comments, though.

Nitro said:
I have the same issue with the 3dcg and photorealistic tags, hard to find non-realistic 3d hentai here if you try, like mikumikudance stuff for example (not that there is much in that style anyways). Would just be a matter of time to tag all posts properly, but if that's what it'd take to fix this issue without outright removing the permission to post these images, I'd be more than willing to work on it for a few weeks.

Actions like banning art by Alex would be a first "reasonable" thing to do if plans include limiting the uploading of photorealistic content, seeing how he's is probably the sketchiest artist of them all. Could me moderated further from there using that method if necessary, though I'm out of ideas on that regard. Maybe I just don't have a valid opinion on either removing or keeping them to begin with.

I'm up for operation #ProperlyTagPhotorealistic.
If you search for 3dcg -photorealistic, you'll see that you'll have to sit through 75 pages (3000~ posts) that need to be tagged properly. You can try to imply photorealistic to some artist tags, but it's still a daunting task.