Now hiring janitors
Hello, everyone. I'm sure the lack of moderation here has been annoying so many of you, so I have decided to hire volunteer janitors to clean up the shitposts. Anyone interested should reply to this thread (Do not send a pm; you will be ignored).

Your responsibilities would include good knowledge of the rules and enforcing them. Mention any experience and your time zone as well, plus how many hours of your time you usually spend here. All applicants should be able to speak good English.

What janitors can do:

  • Approve posts uploaded by regular member accounts.
  • Delete or approve flagged posts and comments (you may flag them yourself to delete them).
  • Batch upload posts.

What janitors cannot do:

  • Ban users.
  • Delete forum posts.
  • Remove user avatars.
I lurk here daily and have been for over a year now, I don't think I've missed an upload in months. Would love to be of any help I could be, it's the least I can do to pay you back for the existence of this site. In UTC +2:00 and I'm quite readily available an average of 10 hours on regular days
Been moderating multiple discord servers of varying size and content, though I'm not the one deciding if that applies.
Doubt I need to go into CV detail here
Oh, that will be good. I don't think I'm a good fit though, as I am very busy.
I'm mostly a lurker and don't have consistent activity times. I usually don't spend more than 10 minutes a day on the site (I'm rather "quick", if you know what I mean). My time zone is EST/EDT. If you're wondering what sort of moderation experience I have, I'm a bureaucrat / sysop on a very large on Wikia/Fandom, with thousands of edits, plus another million or so with bots. I would say I have excellent English, though I'm no grammar Nazi.
I am interested, I use this website a lot.
I've been a regular since before lolibooru was at .moe. always as a lurker, but in those years I've seen a lot come and go and I'd love to help the site in any way that I can.

My time zone is US EST -5.
I'm usually on here an average of 3-4 hours a week, however if approved as janitor I'll happily spend more time here.
Previous experience would be moderating on several older forum sites.
Been lurking for many years, since long before this place was at this domain. Would be happy to help with this if needed, support this site. Have previous forum moderation experience, though, it was a for a music forum - (Went through several iterations before shutting down). Usually spend a decent amount of time here, I like to archive images, so I'm always crawling through the pages when I find some free time..

Fluent in English.

Time zone is -4 ADT.
  • I have good knowledge of the rules.
  • I don't have any relevant experience to speak of.
  • I spend around 20-60 min on this site nearly every day.
  • timezone is UTC +1
  • English is not my native language, but i'm fairly confident in my english skills.
This site has been my lord and savior. And therefore i would like to show my gratitude by helping with a little moderation.
I'm willing to read and familiarize myself with the rules, but over all I'm really passionate about this site and can empathize with it's disorganization.

I probably miss about 15% of the posts but I'm on here at least every third day.

My time zone is UTC -8 and I am on from about 8pm - 12am for about 10 - 40 minutes.

I moderated a Minecraft server a while back for cheating and harassment.

I think it would be fun. Are we preparing for growth? Is this the next stage in the lolibooru legacy?
how many do you need exactly?

I used to be a normal user on a wikia page that actually did so much modding, reverting trolling, and fixing tags/pages that the absent owner came back one day and went ahead and made me head admin.

I can get weirdly relaxed sometimes just by cleaning up content like tags and stuff. I have done a bit of it here but not too much cause im always worried im gonna get in trouble for messing up lol but I'd feel a lot more confident and probably come in and clean things up a lot more if I had a big sheriff star on my chest

Kinda seems like you have a ton of volunteers already though
I'm not silly enough to promise any kind of daily activity either, just what I can, when I can
I'd like to help.