Lolicon Discord
I don't know if this was stated before, but is there any Loli Discord Server? I know that it is basically impossible to be advertised publicly as one report is all that is needed to get that server terminated, but, like, private invites or something. Is there anyone around here that has that kind of server? If so, then tell me in here so I can hit you up on Discord or something.
there are multiple, most of them are private and not very large, that's just the issue
you usually end up finding more via just telling people you got a loli-centered server. ends up taking off from there and any future lolicons would be glad to join, you'll eventually know a few people who got their own servers too and such
not like i'm even afraid of getting my server/account terminated, as the tos is exploitable and nothing bad should even happen if you lay low and don't scream "I HAVE A LOLI SERVER LOOK AT ME"
feel welcome to dm me @nitro#4444
Will do. Cheers.
I actually see a lot of them, if you look for a bit probably not that hard to find. People arent that afraid to make loli discord servers
@nitro Main kinda got disabled. Don't know if you'll see this anytime soon, but would appreciate to have your discord tag again :d

-had to change back to this.
Would it be ok for me to msg you about this server? I'm in another hentai/real porn server but loli is like hated there and can't talk to anyone about it. I would love to join a community that i could actually talk about loli with.
Might not exactly be what you're looking for as loli just comes on the side, really. But we mainly post lolis, nonetheless. Feel free to dm me.
Feel free to join my loli discord server if you want. Because of Discord ToS and and such it requires you to post a folder screenshot so we can keep ourselves safe, but linking your lolibooru or sankaku or something works too. We have over 100 active members and use a self hosted version of Xenon whenever there is a report, so we will be around. discord dot gg/Kk4xsKx
I'm on one, dedicated to an ASMR vocalist with a child like voice. She goes by Loliconica, and she's a STRONG supporter of the loli arts. She has stuff on You-Tube(to an extent), and Pawoo.