I've been a lurker lately
Hi there :)

Just recently joined after looking at the page on and off - comming from a RP world. Lurking is usually the first step to getting a feel for the site you are interested in. So when you start commenting you are not completely out of sync.
LMAO people complain about lurkers but when you do comment and interact you get suspended for spam!!!
liluver said:
LMAO people complain about lurkers but when you do comment and interact you get suspended for spam!!!
There's an in-between. Going to multiple posts in a short span of time to comment disruptive content like "She needs a good pounding by daddy's snow white 16" dick ready to fill up her little tight pussy with loads of cum" isn't optimal.

That makes you look like a delusional pedophile loser. Fantasies are fine and all, but please keep them personal. There have been multiple threads complaining about this.
bonjovie said:
No, I attempted to rid myself of my pedoness these past years. My endeavors were marginally successful, being loli sober and without masturbation as a whole proved to not only be possible for me, but allowed me to give more energy toward doing things I wanted. However with no emotional outlet I've found myself feeling more isolated than before, which has left me kinda stagnant.

So I've supposed I can't just ignore what I am SO eh, fuck it, I'm back.
i read your post, and don't know if you're still around, but you shouldn't, AND you shouldn't HAVE to, ignore, not what, but WHO you are. the powers that be want you to believe that there is something WRONG with you, because then it is easy to control you after you have been disempowered. instead of feeling proud of who (not what) we are, they make us feel shame for the way they have caused the rest of the world to see us. it is the same way they treated homosexuals (is that word offensive?) from about the 1930's to the 90's. read my forum post under the guy who "just discovered lolicon from 1905". and rejoice in WHO you are! oh, and by the way, i have "stepped out of the shadows". and remember, it was never a "legal" thing, it has always been political.
Alacaster said:
bruhhhh. get a profile image. Hi.
i may be a noob for asking this but how does one does this?
Just lurking around, wanted to drop by and say hello!
Hi, I'm a sort of lurker, I think I found this site around a year ago after bouncing around Gelbooru and some hentai sites.
Before that, I refused to think about it at all for a few years, pushing it out of my mind and pretending it didn't exist, but that didn't really work.

I'm socially awkward, shy and very self-loathing and my moods bounce like a ball :)
I sometimes use vague euphemisms to make the guilt go away out of habit.