I bet the last thing her mom said was, “And make sure you put a clean pair of panties on”
like what is that torso woulda been a great picture otherwise
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technicaly not a babydoll, it's a summer dress shirt.
Since I'm still here, here's another featuring Tara Markov and Slade Wilson :-)

I see I made a mistake with her right boot, intersecting with Slade's leg.

Also, I find it funny that I did put some work into making Slade's face look like the comic version, but due to the focus being on Terra, you probably won't be seeing his face if I should do any more :-)
great work as always Rockwell:)
like Mclovin said, great work! Also, I'm really happy you decided to stick around and keep making content.
Well, I'm still concerned about some of the 'models' that some of the other 3DCG posters use, but for now I'll stick around (although as I've said before, images will be few and far between, but I had promised myself to do something with Tara and Slade earlier ^_^)
I get ya, better safe than sorry and all that good stuff when comes to the models. In any case, glad we got to see Tara again!
Way more booty than you expect on a loli ^_^
But very nice booties indeed
I like that she likes it.
Hoh!~ Oh cum and inflate her like a baloon!
Love watching the knot disappear