In all honesty she looks like she's melting.
OMG yes let my boy tap that, is adawdable~
restarts playing after 50 seconds
Not sure what tags to put on this, so I apologize in advance.

To be clear, this is NOT my work.

I'm posting this and another image just to show, once again, how some content producers for Poser/Daz Studio seem to be slyly making stuff that can be used to make 3D Loli images, even if that's not their intent (supposedly 9_9).

This particular image comes from a product called "Amber's Friends: Awkward Age", by AliveSheCried.
They have made a LOT of products like this one, primarily using another product called "Growing Up for Genesis 3 Female" (what I use for most of my images as well). Some of them are no longer available, and I wonder if they were pulled from Renderosity because of the potential to 'misuse' the morphs?

Anyway, being the impulse buyer that I am, I picked it up ^_^.
Don't know when/if I will use them though (Loli isn't my 'primary' interest, so I don't do many images in this category).
I think this was one of Poppe's sets from a few years ago.
Nazis. I'm not totally sure why I wasn't expecting this.
She will get her favorite thirst quencher. So will I.
How It comes that this is still so good after all that time!?
She surrenders with all her heart.